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Lovely libraries

My local county council gave a presentation on 'dispersement' at a recent Voluntary Sector Funding Day. They wanted to explain how they plan to save money by outsourcing as many essential services as possible (much talk of Social Enterprises taking over, but the time-scales required are pretty much impossible for most not for profit organisations), and I haven't heard anything about our local library yet, but elsewhere in the country it looks like the fight has already started -

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We'll never get them back if we lose them now. It won't even be like the privatised industries - Trains, Gas, Water, Electricity - once they've gone, they'll be gone for good. We won't even have the privilege of bailing them out when it all goes tits up.
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2011, take 2

So, after a week and bit off with the flu, I got into work. He-who-is-sort-of-my-boss takes one look at me and says: "you look like shit. Why don't you go home?"

So I did.
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True Blood: *not* so boring you'll wish you were dead

Dear True Blood,

I bought your first season in late August, about four weeks ago. Some friends recommended you, I’d got one hell of a lot of RL stuff going on, and I figured I could do with a good distraction. It took three nights to watch your first 12 episodes (I tried to be good and take the time to chew, but you tasted so damned good I just wanted to swallow you whole), during much of which Collapse )

TW S4 rumours (no spoilers)

Maybe I'm being a bit too wary, but I'm not sure what to trust among the S4 rumours. The info on writers sounds solid enough, but there are horribly crap photoshopped posters going around, and added to something Rusty said in his SFX interview it makes me wonder...

He's having a bit of a rant about the Depp-for-the-Doctor rumour and how much time denying it must have taken, that he can lose a whole morning "because of some chump typing shit."

And this is small scale stuff - if you're one of those big shows, you must lose days of work. One day something's not gonna get on air and there'll be a little card on screen saying, "'It's because of the Internet rumours - we haven't got time to make the show!"

I want to be wrong. I hope I am, because paranoia and squee give me indigestion when mixed.
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That thing they say about absence

It's been a weird weekend. After a spending a full omfg *full* week of full-on Josh, the all singing, all dancing, all cuddly and wonderful and humming slightly off-key all the while, piano-playing (ish), basketball-bouncing ("I did one hundred and five!"), absolutely there every single time I turn around fabulous Josh, he went to his dad's on Saturday. And then the house was empty. It was quiet. Weird. I like it quiet, and I so needed to stop talking and listening for a while, but...

He's at his grandma's now. Staying there for a couple of day while I'm at work. He can drive me utterly nuts (it's mainly the off-key humming I think. Or maybe the off-key piano playing), and I know I need to escape and simply not be talked-at from time to time, but I miss him *so much* right now.

Oh well. Nearly Wednesday.
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Jack/Ianto in CoE

RL has been pretty mad the last few months. I'm hoping it'll start to settle down soon though, so I'm clearing out a few old ideas in order to make room for all the enthusiasm and energy I'm expecting to find in the near future.


With the exception of starting gwenwood (which doesn't really count), I haven’t so much as dipped my toe into any of the arguments since CoE aired, but before I pretend not to give a damn about any of it in order to get even more excited about Torchwood S4, I just want to get this out of my system.

Collapse )
The only question it leaves me with is, in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, after he’d told Gwen whatever it was that the finding of the engagement ring interrupted, how had he planned to explain to her that Ianto was next on his to-do list?
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I <3 fic research

Anglepoise lamps at the BBC

In 1948, the Board of Governors of the BBC asked the head of the Variety Department Michael Standing to devise a guiding set of moral standards and protocols for the production of all BBC radio and television programmes. Standing produced something that became commonly know within the BBC as the ‘Green Book ’. The purpose of the book was to eradicate smut, innuendo and vulgarity from all BBC programmes. After producing the book, Michael Standing took to implementing his guidance with eccentric zeal. In June 1949, Standing issued a memo to all staff in which he forbade BBC employees to illuminate any room with an Anglepoise lamp unless the main ceiling or wall mounted light was also illuminated. Standing held a firm belief that a man working at a desk in a confined space with only the light from a low-wattage lamp would nurture furtive ideas and produce degenerate programme material. The Director General Sir William Haley later rescinded the Anglepoise lamp edict because he thought that the measure was extreme and unnecessary.

Oh Auntie...
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WIP meme

Post a sentence (or paragraph) or two from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached. (Spotted all over the place, officially stolen from 51stcenturyfox)

“I can hear you standin’ there, Gytha Ogg. Collapse )

A personable American, of the type which one invariably finds in the better sort of drawing room.

“You were in J____ ?” I enquired.

“Only towards the end.” He smiled, leaning over the madeira cake to offer me his hand. “The name's Flynn,” he said. “Errol.”